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We would like to thank you for considering GTG to help you in your business. We are sure that you will find our services to be among the very finest in the Services and Trading industry. Our services are marked in addition to their totality, variety of specialization and the development of the equipment to high expertise by the fact that they come out of a developed and standard philosophy in comparison with the huge number of companies. Which lead us to establish our group that we believe all this comapnies needed for Admistation support with a very professional manner & using the latest technology.

About GTG

GTG is a Specialized at PRO. Services & CUSTOMS CLEARANCE SINCE 2004

Services of Grand Trading Group are marked, in addition to their totality, variety of specialization, and the development of the equipment to high expertise, by the fact that they come out of a developed and standard philosophy, in comparison with the huge number of companies.

This has led us to the economical variety in trading to avoid risks of centrality. We were aware of this matter from the start, by adopting coordinated policies to still and develop strong and stable bases and frim foundations.

Any success or accomplishment to our intentions is
a mutual work of three parties:

Administration and on top of it: the General Manager.

Clients and tranied staff.

Merchants and consumers.

Every party of these parties is connected with the other. Each one of them takes the responsibility to achieve the main purposes of plans for gaining and development in the group.


We establish companies, clear all transactions with any government or semi-government bodies, corporations, and companies, such as Commercial Registrations – Trade licenses - Ministry of Interior E-services & physical Services, such: General Directorate of Border Passports & Expatriates Affairs, passports, residence permits, visas, ID – Traffic Department – Labor Department – Building permits – Ministry of Justice – Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Medical commission – CID for fingers print –Hukoomi services, etc.

We are holders of PRO./Clearing Agent License No. 101 issued by the General Directorate of Border Passports & Expatriates Affairs


What Do We Do?

GTG is glad to shed light on the most important services of the company.

gtg public services

Public Services

Finishing transactions and all management supporting services.

gtg authorized customs and clearance agency

Authorized Customs and Clearance Agency

In addition: Shipping, and shifting goods by all means of transportation with the guarantee of delivering them as fast as possible and in the best condition

gtg trading


Consuming food products, equipment and requirements of theaters, exhibitions, construction and prestigious restaurants

gtg assets trading

Assets Trading

Selling, buying, renting and letting real estates, and renting cars.

gtg all special services

All Special Services

On a high level of performance like hotel reservation (local and abroad), also for cars with or without drivers, and chartering commercial, private, or special (medical) jets, and yachts.

gtg exclusive commerical agencies

Exclusive Commercial Agencies

for overseas companies.

Your Business Success Begins Here

What GTG aims at is not in the first place the organizational and economical policies; it is basically to serve and build (merchant-customer) relationship, which is always the main concern in our study to the basic system of the group. This for a bright present and promising future built on a ground of correct planning.













Annual Contract Services Prices

Our best offerings for your business

  • QAR 3,500
    Small Business
  • Companies with 1-15 employees: QAR 3,500 per month
  • QAR 4,000
    Medium Business
  • Companies with 16-30 employees: QAR 4,000 per month
  • QAR 5,000
    Larger Business
  • Companies with 31-50 employees: QAR 5,000 per month

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